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Thunder VPS Powerful and reliable VPS hosting for professionals!

Ideal for LAMP development, Apache Tomcat hosting and WEB based applications.

Processor: 2 Core 2.13 GHz
RAM Memory: 4 GB
Disk space: 160 GB
Traffic: Unlimited

Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a method to divide a physical server in several virtual servers. Each VPS works independently, is able to work under its own operating system and is able to be restarted independently, obtaining the power, privacy and security provided by a dedicated server.

Each Virtual Server possesses its exclusive memory space, storage on individual disk, its own management of the operating system ( processes, system permissions, users, scheduled tasks, etc).

You will have root or administrator access to your virtual server, which allows you install any software as Data bases, monitoring systems, Web servers or E-mail servers, you will obtain full control over your server.

Features and advantages

Develop freely.

You decide how you work. With our VPS solutions you develop with the tools that you know. Ruby on Rails, Django, Grails, Symfony, Java, PHP... you build your software architecture through the Framework that suits you best.

The only limit is your imagination!

With our virtual servers, it is you who set the rules of the game, you are the administrator on your machine, you install and test all the new technology you want.

Take control.

Take control of your updates, software versions, automated tasks, etc.. Do not let your host dictate the way you work: take hold of your maintenance.

Work in team.

Your collaborative solutions are fully compatible with your private server. Coordinate your development efforts through programs such as GIT, Mercurial or SVN. Your VPS server fits all your project management process.

Boost your databases.

MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL set and configure your database in a more performate way. Replicate your database on multiple IP addresses, manage two database systems in parallel... Build your ideal database, without any constraints.

Server Hosting Plans

Dynamic VPS

From €4,50/month

Configure your server to your needs.

Processor: Up to 2 Core
RAM Memory: Up to 4GB
Disk space: Up to 250GB
Traffic: Unlimited
1 public IP address
Full root access
Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, SuSe

Thunder VPS


Cheap and powerful.

Processor: 2 Core
RAM Memory: 4GB
Disk space: 160GB
Traffic: Unlimited
1 public IP address
Full root access
Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, SuSe

Lightning VPS


The best compromise quality/price

Processor: 1 Core
RAM Memory: 2GB
Disk space: 40GB
Traffic: Unlimited
1 public IP address
Full root access
Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, SuSe

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